Baer Lab at Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Core Facility for Ecological Analyses: Manager

Amanda Rothert


Researcher II

Manager of the Core Facility for Ecological Analyses

M.S. Zoology, Southern Illinois University

B.S. Biology, Southern Illinois University




Current Graduate Students

Sarah Black


M.S. Student

B.S. Valparaiso University



I am interested in insect communities in restored tallgrass prairie and if/how herbivory shapes plant community.




Drew Scott


Ph.D. Student

M.S. Southern Illinois University Carbondale

B.S. University of Indianapolis


I am currently examining how environmental heterogneity influences composition of plant, soil bacteria, and soil fungi communities and how this affects ecosystem functioning. I am particularly interested in heterogeneity in soil nitrate and nitrous oxide efflux from soil.

Specialization: C and N biogeochemistry, biogeomorphology, plant-soil-microbe interactions, restoration and prairie ecology, ecological modeling.




George Manning


Ph.D. Candidate

M.E.S Taylor University

B.A. Indiana and Purdue University, Fort Wayne


My research interests are centered on answering questions in ecological restoration and community assembly. I am asking if deterministic (seed mix and site condition) or stochastic (interannual environmental variability) forces are the primary drivers acting upon the community assembly of tallgrass prairie restoration. I am also looking for a relationship between floristic quality and soil integrity, as well as how manipulated mismatches in plant-insect interactions affect tallgrass prairie flora.



Current Undergraduate Students

Juliet Fitzgibbon


B.S. Plant Biology


My current project involves plant herbivory in the tallgrass prairie

Mark Sandwick


B.S. Ecology